Christmas 2017


At this traditionally festive time of year, Nova Scotians enjoy relaxing with friends and family & reflect on what they’ve accomplished in 2017.

And has the Atlantica Party ever accomplished a lot in 2017!

Some of the milestones we’ve accomplished in our first full year as a registered party are;

  • Atlantica ran 15 candidates in 15 ridings in the 2017 provincial election without any federal funding unlike the other parties!
  • We’ve set up headquarters in Springhill, and have established a Board of members to help further organize and develop our policies and goals!
  • We’ve directly influenced other parties recent policies with our straight forward common-sense approach.
  • We are already reforming politics in Nova Scotia! 


Imagine what the Atlantica Party could do with seats in the legislature!

2018 will be a momentous year for the Atlantica Party, but we need your help to continue the fight to reform politics and be the voice for all Nova Scotians.


It's not too late to donate for the 2017 year 75% tax break.



Season's Greetings from our team at the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia!




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