The Atlantica Party will eliminate business income tax for all Nova Scotia business



Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Atlantica Party will set business income tax to zero for all Nova Scotia businesses large and small. This is part of the Atlantica Party’s economic plan to kick start the Nova Scotia economy and make Nova Scotia a ‘have’ province. 

“Essentially this is a small transfer (4 to 5% of government revenue – the increase in the current budget) from the hands of government to the people and families who create prosperity and wealth in this province,” said Jonathan G Dean, Leader of the Atlantica Party. “It is supporting businesses the proper way, without the politicizing and discredited corporate welfare schemes supported by the status-quo Liberals, NDP and PCs.”

The continuing failure of these political elites to understand the basic economics of growth and job creation has held Nova Scotians back. Most Nova Scotians understand government cannot create growth or jobs, only entrepreneurs, families, small and large business can do that. This common-sense approach supports all Nova Scotians.