Bill Archer for Cumberland South

The Atlantica Party Announces William (Bill) Archer as Candidate for Cumberland South


The Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia is pleased to announce that Bill Archer will be running in the upcoming Cumberland South by-election.

Bill ran in the last provincial election as the candidate for Cumberland North and is a resident of Amherst.

Commenting on his nomination bid, Bill said, “I see the same issues for all of Cumberland County, and will work with all parties to bring common sense solutions to the problems troubling our area, and all of Nova Scotia. I am here to be the voice of the people that the other parties have never listened to, and to be their voice in this province”.

Bill is a senior member in the Atlantica Party, and has held many different roles in the quick and unprecedented growth that the party has seen since its registration in 2016. “We are a small party of devoted volunteers, who deeply believe that Nova Scotia can be a ‘have’ province. We simply need to take a reasonable approach to issues, rather than constantly growing the government to solve every perceived problem.”

Bill is an interprovincial certified industrial electrician with numerous other certifications in the electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, and hydrodynamics fields. His experience runs across dozens of countries ranging from Canada and Germany, to Chad and Venezuela. Having also run his own successful business in the past, he understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face.

As a father of three, and grandfather of one, Bill is concerned for the future of Nova Scotia, and feels that it’s time for him to step up with the Atlantica Party and help make a positive difference.

Bill commented why he’s running, saying, “This is where the people of Cumberland South, and the people of Nova Scotia, can send a message to the other parties that we are not going to tolerate the old school politics any longer, and that we are ready to change this province so that everyone can have a better future.”