Atlantica Supports Local Agriculture … Why should you?

  • Nova Scotia’s population has tripled since Confederation and the demand for quality, environmentally-sound food has grown proportionately.
  • Nova Scotia produces less food now than throughout its entire history. According to the 2010 report “Profile of Agricultural Land Resources”, only 13% of agricultural land in Nova Scotia is actually used for agriculture.
  • Today, we import well over 90% of our food while, at the same time, we possess some of the country’s most fertile lands, a temperate climate, and the lowest cost per acre of agricultural land in the country.
  • When we don’t buy locally, that money leaves the province never to return.
  • For every dollar that a local farmer invests, 95% ends up as Tax Revenue that benefits all Nova Scotians.

Buy local and invest in your community. Helping local farmers provides food security and sustainability. When your money stays in Nova Scotia, it thereby helps create a multitude of new full-time, secure jobs.

You can help share the vision, Donate $5 today. The Atlantica Party fights every single day for a better Nova Scotia with only a volunteer executive and your generous donations.

Believe it or not, we’re already making a huge difference as other parties are adopting OUR core platform as their own. Flattering, but why not support the very Party that creates these positive ideas.



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