Atlantica Party on the Economy in Nova Scotia



The Atlantica Party is the only genuinely pro-economic growth party in Nova Scotia. We have a vision for a prosperous 'have' Nova Scotia. We believe government action must empower the private sector. Who is the private sector? The private sector is you, me, the fisherman, the farmer, the small family store and all the local businesses around the corner. Only the private sector can create growth, jobs and wealth; government cannot. All that government can do is create the proper conditions for this. Build it, they will come.

Here is what we need to do: 

  • Eliminate business taxes for Nova Scotia businesses, big and small.
  • Break up the NSLC and allow only the private sector in the liquor wholesale and retail business.
  • End politicized and unfair corporate welfare.
  • Lower income taxes on the median income to the lowest in Canada (about $1200 savings on the median income) to revitalize the local economy and encourage people to return to Nova Scotia.
  • Encourage projects (including resource projects) provided strict adherence to environmental regulations, remediation and full cost accounting.
  • Eliminate all Maritime trade barriers in keeping with the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council recommendations.
  • Have an anti-red tape program in government.
  • Reduce the civil service size to the national average with the savings not allocated to new spending but returned to the pockets of Nova Scotians. Reductions will target primarily higher salaried administrative staff.
  • Enhance democracy structures thereby creating a more attractive social and political environment.
  • Have a debt elimination plan which includes limiting government growth to population growth.
  • Aggressively court Nova Scotia emigres citing a new and prosperous environment in Nova Scotia.
  • Outlaw budget deficit spending.
  • Deregulate where possible and create an Office of Deregulation & Anti-Red Tape.
  • Resist the imposed Carbon Tax.
  • Eliminate income tax bracket creep.
  • Encourage Atlantic Provinces regional trade promotion and service delivery.
  • Look for ways to start to decouple Nova Scotia/Atlantic Canada from the status-quo economic policies of Ottawa.

We are also sympathetic to HST reduction and further tax reduction. Our debt reduction plan uses very conservative assumptions and disregards important positive second-order effects which makes us optimistic we could move on these issues as well.

Once we create a pro-private sector, prosperous and socially attractive (democracy reform, more freedom and more freedom) province, ideally a continental 'hot-spot', issues such as workforce attraction, innovation and retention will to a large measure tend to be taken care of.

These measures are costed out in our (balanced) Atlantica Budget 2017.