Atlantica Party Election Update 01



Your Atlantica Party team has been working overtime getting ready to contest the May 30th general election and we wanted to bring you up to date:

1. We will be announcing our Candidate Team and Platform early next week once nominations close on Wednesday
2. Since we are all-volunteer and we have been overwhelmed with candidate requests we will formally start our campaign early next week. Information to follow.
3. Our Social Media campaign has started but not ramped up yet.
4. To keep up to date with us about our candidates and platform you can

This election is a choice between Change and the Status-Quo

We represent change for Nova Scotia versus the continuation of the old ways of doing things represented by the Three Status-Quo parties. 

How can you help?
1. Share our social media postings
2. Tell your friends and family about AP
3. Join us
4. Donate

PS If you want to be a Candidate Hero there is still some time. Let us know.


Jonathan G Dean


Atlantica Party