Atlantica Calls For Weighted Referendum On Amalgamation

Most Nova Scotians now take amalgamation for granted, whether they were in favour of it or not when it was rolled out in 1996, or whether or not their opinion has changed since then. While the benefits for the old “City of Halifax” seem quite apparent, with an overall enhancement in services, it seems clear that it hasn’t been a net-positive for many other communities.

It’s clear that there are some positive benefits to amalgamation for communities outside of peninsular Halifax such as: efficiencies in collective decision making, uniformity in standards and policies, and simplification in the contracting process. However, there are many people outside of Halifax proper that still feel slighted by the process

Atlantica Party candidate in the June 18th By-election, David F. Boyd points to the loss of independent local services such as police and fire departments as well as a “lack of confidence” among residents that their voices are being heard in city council.

The Atlantica Party believes that a decision as controversial and reformative as amalgamation should never have been made unilaterally by the majority Liberal government of the day. Therefore we are calling on the government to hold a binding referendum, weighted by population of region, to allow the people to decide.

“I’m proud that the Atlantica Party is the only party with the courage to tackle this issue head on. It’s time to give the opportunity to the people most affected by amalgamation to have their voices finally heard,” says Boyd.


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