Another Dirty Tax

We hear it every day on the mainstream media. If we don’t reduce human-created CO2 and pay a carbon tax we will all be forced to move to higher ground, or perish.

But a recent article in Nature magazine surprised me. It said that over the past 30 years, because of global warming, the earth’s coastal land surface has increased by 33,700 km2. Also, didn’t we learn from high school science that carbon dioxide (now called “carbon pollution”) makes life greener, more fertile & life sustaining? Anyway.

So why the big rush to impose another tax on already overburdened and impoverished Nova Scotia taxpayers?

The carbon tax damage is already evident. Canada's inflation rate (as of January 2017) has just spiked higher to 2.1% due in part to carbon tax. Research at Dalhousie University indicates the carbon tax increase will be passed onto consumers through increases in gasoline, home heating, and electric bills totaling $612 a year for Nova Scotians.

If a carbon tax is to be imposed, then at least reduce other taxes!

The public is beginning to realize the problem as many letters to newspapers across Canada show that voters are catching on to the mismanagement of taxation in general and in particular the new carbon tax.

Premier McNeil says ‘I will not be implementing a carbon tax.’ But can we trust him when his federal counterpart says impose the carbon tax or we will do it for you? The carbon tax is just another tax on the suffering taxpayer. It’s time to change the economic climate by opposing all plans to impose new dirty taxes on Nova Scotia taxpayers including the carbon tax.


David Morgan

February 25, 2017