An Open Letter to Nova Scotia Greenies

Green is usually associated with living things and growth. It is also associated with envy and oddly sometimes with decay and death. The Green Party of Nova Scotia may be signaling all of these.

Last week it was widely reported Green Party Leader Brynn Nheiley and her executive had decided to shut down the party and return membership money. They cited lack of interest from the rank and file. Then a few days later Ian Charles, the agent for the party, announced the party was still a going concern and would take part in the next election. He hinted at schism or revolt, part of the Executive apparently did not agree to fold the tent and Ms. Nheiley would be stepping down. He also hinted that 2016 members’ monies would remain with the party.

With no further information it would seem the party has fragmented into a pragmatic faction who sees no point in continuing and a ‘true-believer’ faction that wants to hang on.

You might think from my perspective, as the leader of what will become Nova Scotia’s fourth/fifth official political party, I am hoping the Greens will just disappear but actually I hope the Greens stick around.

Like the Atlantica Party the Greenies give us dissenting voices that speak out against the stagnant Status-quo represented by the Libs, NDP and PCs. This is critical to the health of our political system and the future of the province.

In addition, the Greenies are a group of passionate folks who wish to make Nova Scotia a better place and are willing to get involved to make it happen. I know personally how few and far between people on the ground like that are and I also know how hard won their achievement is; a registered party with viable candidates. It would be a real shame if we lost them.

So Greenies, stay the course or come and talk to us (you will be in good company) but do not leave the stage.


Jonathan G Dean


Atlantica Party