A Bluenose and a Black Eye

There's been quite a buzz lately surrounding the news about the Bluenose- namely the much-maligned building of the third incarnation of this iconic vessel and the mess it has become. As the three status-quo parties that are culpable have had their say it is time for the Atlantica Party to have its say.

This project was started by the PCs under Rodney McDonald, was mainly built during the NDP government, and has come to the current point under the Liberals. Make no mistake, all three status-quo parties have been involved in the mess. From sending the old Bluenose to the wood chipper rather than package and sell pieces of the old vessel as keepsakes, to the current $700,000 rudder hydraulics that didn't fix the steel rudder that was too heavy for the wooden vessel to accommodate. Each status-quo party has had its part to play.

The issue our party has is quite simple - where is the accountability? This ship was built by the bureaucracy, the only constant in this debacle. From the build being assigned to Culture and Heritage (who have zero experience in building anything let alone a boat), to the Transportation Department, to the Deputy Minister to the Premier with his overly costly hydraulic rudder fix. Who has been taken to task for this over-budget and over-deadliness some sailing professionals worry will give problems for as long as this boat floats in the water? In the private sector this would have resulted in numerous firings and demotions. Even with the latest development of contested bills being paid against legal advice, no one is being taken to task for what has become a black eye for the Nova Scotia ship building industry.

Why have these bills been paid? Because the Liberal government wants this issue to disappear, as an election is not that far away. So millions of tax payers dollars have again been thrown away on the vessel for the sake of trying to make bad PR disappear.


Bill Archer

Atlantica Party