End Gas Regulation!


It’s Time to End Gas Price Regulation in Nova Scotia

According to a recent article by the Chronicle Herald, the price at the pumps is likely going to go up two cents per liter. After the price increase from the cap and trade scheme, the UARB is deciding that adding to that pain in people’s pockets is not enough.[1][2]

The Atlantica Party has advocated for many years that the Government of Nova Scotia needs to end gas price regulation.

Gas price regulation was never meant to be for the benefit of the taxpayer, and only benefits the government and gas stations of the province. According to a study conducted by AIMS, Atlantic Canadians had paid an extra $205 million for gas by 2017 because of regulation, and an average extra cost of 1.9 cents per liter just to pay for the bureaucracy that controls the setting of prices.[3]

The Atlantica Party believes that it is now time to remove regulation on fuel, as this situation shows that their reaction to price swings are never in the consumers best interest, and add extra costs.

It is time to say enough is enough, and let the people of Nova Scotia keep as much of their hard earned money as possible.

Please help us today to continue to fight to take the province on the common path to common sense!


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