The Atlantica Party Calls for a Referendum on Clear Cutting

Clear Cutting on crown land has been a contentious issue for years in Nova Scotia. Advocates point to the economic benefits of clearing tracts of the forest while opponents decry the damage done to forests and the resulting eyesore of large patches of wasteland. 

Since the forests on Crown Land are held in trust for the people, it is only natural that they decide. The Atlantica Party calls on the Nova Scotia Legislature to schedule a binding referendum in six months to determine whether clear cutting on Crown Land should be allowed.

A healthy six-month debate that includes all points of view will educate the people on the benefits and costs of clearcutting. Also, alternative approaches to forest management could also be discussed. The process will help eliminate the distrust of 'back-room decisions' on this issue and inject some vigour into our collective political life. 

Jonathan Dean
Atlantica Party

If you agree that we need to vote on clearcutting; please consider donating $20 to the fight.

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