Privatize the Nova Scotia Liquor Industry

The Atlantica Party will bring the Nova Scotia liquor industry into the 21st century by having government vacate both the retail and wholesale liquor business and turn them over to the private market. 

This means any individual, family, entrepreneur, startup, or company can sell and/or import and/or make liquor, wine, beer, etc., provided appropriate standards are maintained. An Atlantica Party government will sell off the assets of the NSLC to the highest bidder(s). As a result, many benefits will accrue to Nova Scotians: 

  • Greater choice due to competition
  • More convenience for the consumer, such as beer at the corner store
  • Lower prices (much lower in some cases!) since the cash grab by the government will be eliminated 
  • Opportunity for many new businesses (retailers, wholesalers and producers) and jobs
  • Greater flexibility in pricing and marketing for Nova Scotia brewers, distillers and vineyards since the NSLC restrictions will be eliminated
  • Make Nova Scotia a more attractive destination 
  • A higher standard of living for Nova Scotians

"There is no reason for the government to be monopolizing an economic sector. Monopolies always create high prices and lower selection," said Jonathan Dean, Leader of the Atlantica Party. "It is simple; the NSLC is good for government but bad for Nova Scotians. We will fix that." 

Eliminating the NSLC is part of the Atlantica Party's program to make Nova Scotia a "have" province.

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The Atlantica Party was established in 2006 to promote a political revolution in Nova Scotia to fix our broken political system and empower the voter. It is the only political alternative committed to making Nova Scotia a "have" province.