New Leader and Executive Join Atlantica

Since the departure of Jonathan Dean, Atlantica has found a new leader and additional executive.

This is important as a provincial party must have a leader within 10 days of the departure of a previous leader. There are also other executive positions that are legally required according to the Elections Act. 

The new leader will be announced when Elections Nova Scotia has processed the paperwork. 

Atlantica members and supporters will be pleasantly surprised with the new leader who sports an impressive list of accomplishments and experience. 

Other positions that need to be filled are in the works. We are in talks with some fantastic people that we believe will bring significant value to the party and help move it forward.

There are 4 (IIRC) positions in a Nova Scotia political party that must be filled and cannot be vacant for more than 10 days:

  • Leader
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Official Agent

All the required positions are filled (and more). 

Additional information will be forthcoming.


Ryan Smyth
Official Agent