Media Bias in NS Election to be forwarded to CRTC

Today, a provincial party in the ongoing provincial election Nova Scotian election, the Atlantica Party (AP), have resolved to formally approach the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC,  concerning a media campaign to silence the two parties in their election work and manipulate the voting results in the election.

The CRTC is an independent public authority in charge of regulating and supervising Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications in the interest of the public interest.

AP is claiming numerous and ongoing breaches under the CAB Code of Ethics (2002) as described under the Journalistic Independence Code (2008), specifically clauses 5.1 & 5.2, 6 and 7. These breaches have irreparably damaged the standing and campaign of two parties, AP and the Green Party of NS, and has brought into doubt the integrity of the elections results.

Among the breaches:

A CTV News article repeating a The Canadian Press stating there are only three Nova Scotia party leaders, not five.

A CBC article announcing the NS Election with an overview analysis by Michael Gorman reporting on only three out of the five leaders and parties in the election.

A Global News election introductory article by Aya Al-Hakim which excludes two parties from discussion.

A Saltwire (Chronicle Herald) article which focuses on specific parties and not all parties.

These are just some examples from the election feed. As of the date of this complaint AP can confirm they have not been contacted for interviews or coverage of APs election platform by any major news outlet. 

The large news organizations appear to be engaging in a pattern of only reporting on parties of their choosing, a direct violation of their broadcast standards.

“It is an ongoing systematic bias.” said Jonathan Dean, leader of the Atlantica Party. “I had an Halifax editor for a large national news organization tell me to my face that his media outlet would not report on the Atlantica Party to ensure voters would not vote for the party.”   

The bias extends to previous elections. In the 2017 the CBC explicitly excluded AP and GPNS in its televised leadership coverage and, in an ugly incident at the end of the campaign, ATV, the local affiliate of CTV had Green Party leader Dr. Thomas Trappenburg and AP leader Jonathan Dean, forcibly ejected on air from an all-leaders debate.

“It very much seems that these news outlets are attempting to manipulate the voters into maintaining the status quo. Who gains from this? Not the people of NS for sure.” Said Jonathan Dean. “That is why we are approaching CRTC to attempt and salvage this election, if possible.”