Our guns are not negotiable. Guns are private property, and property is an inherent human right.

The Trudeau government plans to strip Canadians of their basic human right to own property.

First, they banned regular hunting rifles. 

Now, they plan to ban all handguns.

Next, they will ban other private property, whatever it is.

The Atlantica Party calls on the Nova Scotia government to nullify these tyrannical bans on private property and support Nova Scotians in their basic human rights.

Many Nova Scotians use various firearms for various reasons that are all legitimate and peaceful. 

Our rights are not up for sale. 

Your author of this article, Ryan Smyth, can personally attest to the possibility of creating far, far worse weapons than those that are proposed to be banned. And those weapons have ZERO regulations on them.

Should any government ban any firearm or weapon, much, much more dangerous AND LEGAL weapons can be created, and will be created. 

It is in the best interests of Nova Scotians that the Nova Scotia government override any private property bans on any firearms or weapons by the Federal government so that people don't escalate any form of perceived threat by government and so that peace can be maintained. 

Disarmament has always preceeded tyranny. 

Nova Scotians are decent and peaceable people and there is no need to ban them from owning any kind of firearm, including handguns. 

Your author pledges to release information that is far, far more deadly AND LEGAL should the Federal government ban private property and the Nova Scotia government refuse to nullify that clearly immoral ban.