The Atlantica Party supports making Nova Scotia a leader in fulfilling Freedom of Information requests. 

Once again, Nova Scotia lags behind the rest of the country by not having its Information and Privacy Commissioner independent. "Government information is funded by taxpayers and therefore the property of Nova Scotians," said Jonathan Dean, Leader of the Atlantica Party. "If someone requests a copy, the government has no right to withhold it."

The Atlantica Party recommends:

  • Lowering the costs charged for requests
  • Making the Commissioner an officer of the Nova Scotia Legislature, making the position independent from the Executive.
  • Give the Commissioner order-making powers so information requests cannot be ignored.
  • Expand the Commissioner's budget, if needed. 

"This issue is a vital one for us," said Dean." By making our government more transparent, we strengthen our democracy."

This policy is part of the Atlantica Party's Political Revolution.

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The Atlantica Party was established in 2006 to promote a political revolution in Nova Scotia to fix our broken political system and empower the voter. It is the only political alternative committed to making Nova Scotia a "have" province.