End Secret Voting in the Nova Scotia Legislature

The Atlantica Party will end the routine secret voting in the Nova Scotia Legislature. 

Secret voting in the Legislature is not the exception but the overwhelming rule. Over a six-year period, out of 853 votes, only 12 were recorded, while the other 841 were kept secret and not disclosed. Nova Scotia taxpayers have a right to know how their representatives vote.

"This is unacceptable," said Jonathan Dean, Leader of the Atlantica Party. "The Legislature is the people's house, and the representatives are the people's representatives. Accountability and transparency are at the heart of our democracy. But, how do voters know who voted for what or even if their representative was present in the house during the vote? Without an accurate voting record, how can electors assess their representation?" The solution is to install a simple, inexpensive electronic voting system that publishes all voting in real-time to the internet to ensure vote results enter the public record. 

The refusal of party leaders to disclose voting would seem to suggest the status-quo parties are hiding something. Perhaps slavish adherence to the party line or ignoring constituents' opinions, or concealing bad attendance records? There is simply no way of knowing. "The Atlantica Party will fix this, so voters do know," said Dean. 

Ending secret voting is part of the Atlantica Party's Political Revolution.

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The Atlantica Party was established in 2006 to promote a political revolution in Nova Scotia to fix our broken political system and empower the voter. It is the only political alternative committed to making Nova Scotia a "have" province.