Citizen Inspired Binding Referenda

The Atlantica Party is the only Nova Scotia political party that supports citizen led binding referenda

“The Atlantica Party believes citizens have the right bring forward issues for a binding vote,” said Jonathan Dean, Leader of the Atlantica Party. “This will allow the citizenry to push issues forward despite political game playing by the old-fashioned parties.”

Nova Scotia’s referendum format would be based on BC’s with some adjustments. A citizen panel would be formed to address an issue. Under the oversight of Elections Nova Scotia, the panel would need to collect enough signatures across the ridings of Nova Scotia within a certain time frame. If there is not enough interest the initiative would fail. Otherwise, Elections Nova Scotia would set a vote date after a sufficient interval for debate and the people would decide the issue and the decision would be binding. All of this would occur independent of the Premier, the government and the parties.

“This would open the door to progress on a number of issues of public interest that the parties want to play politics with such as clear-cutting.”

Binding referenda is part of the Atlantica Party’s Political Revolution to empower the citizen.

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The Atlantica Party was established in 2006 to promote a political revolution in Nova Scotia to fix our broken political system and empower the voter. It is the only political alternative committed to making Nova Scotia a "have" province.