Bill 4 Strips People of Their Property Rights Part 2

On March 11, 2021, the Nova Scotia government introduced Bill 4 to remove most of the rights and freedoms of Nova Scotia landowners. 

Nova Scotia landowners take pride in their properties and, in as much as reasonably possible, do what is necessary to keep their woodlands and grasslands healthy, along with suitable water (lakes, brooks, streams, etc.) for both the health of the land itself and the occupying wildlife. As owners, they have a vested interest in taking care to be good stewards of the land; nobody else, including the government, cares as much about the land as owners. 

In short, most are already concerned with and work toward biodiversity as they are aware that such practices encourage not only a healthy environment but also add significant value to their properties. 

Government controlled or forced land practices are a completely different thing. The BioDiversity Act places numerous entities, such as the Government of Canada, the provincial government, municipal governments, various chosen regulators, and so forth, in charge of your land, rather than allowing the tax-paying landowners decide for themselves how to use their properties.

In short, you buy the land and pay the taxes, and others control what you can do on your land or how it is to be used (Section 8). Government direction of private resources is textbook Fascism. 

Further, the Minister may exempt their officers from any part of the Act (Section 18). At the same time, their "conservation officers" are given the same powers as any peace officer (without any police training) (Section 20) who may "may enter upon any land without being liable for trespass" (Section 21). It appears that in this situation, should we accept this Act, that conservation officers have even more power than peace officers who require probable grounds or a warrant! 

Should it be deemed that the landowner has broken the Act's rules, then the Minister or any employee of the government can be authorized to act on behalf of the Minister to take whatever action felt necessary against the rightful landowner (Section 24).

The Act also disallows any private prosecution of the government without the consent of the Attorney General. In other words, a landowner cannot sue the government without the government's permission! (Section 44).

Such an Act sets a dangerous precedent in government control. The Atlantica Party encourages Nova Scotias to resist the passage of Bill 4. 

Contact your local MLA now and voice your concerns. You can find your MLA's contact information here:

Atlantica Party

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