Bill 4 Strips People of Their Property Rights Part 1

If you are a private landowner in Nova Scotia, you need to know about this Bill, as it affects you!

March 11, 2021, the Nova Scotia government introduced Bill 4 to remove most of the rights and freedoms of Nova Scotia landowners. Using carefully crafted words not to cause alarm (or even notice), it has been proposed that if passed, Nova Scotians would be significantly restricted as to what they could do with and on their land. 

In simple terms, your only absolute freedom would be the freedom to pay taxes on the land. Cited as the Biodiversity Act, it would set out rules and regulations that could result in fines up to $1,000,000.00 ($2,000,000.00 for corporations).

The Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia is very concerned about the potential effects this would have on farming, development of any kind, the lumber industry, and other activities essential to our people and our economy. We suggest that the terms of the Bill, which can be found online at, be very carefully reviewed.

The explanation for the Bill on the Legislature website contains many innocuous-sounding "Whereas(es)" and "Therefore(s)", such as to appear as "nothing to see here." The apparent intention is to draw as little attention as possible to this overreaching and dangerous legislation.

Particular attention should be paid to the innocuous term "sustainable" that appears in various forms throughout the Bill. This term is bandied about by organizations that work toward restrictive ideologies such as eliminating private property. 

Say "No" to Bill 4.

The Atlantica Party

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