Banned by Lenore Zann and the Chinese Communist Party

I received a complimentary print copy of the Epoch Times, dated January 1-7, 2021, in my postal box the other day. Soon after that, a local Facebook discussion exploded since the Epoch Times has been labelled by some as 'right-wing' or 'far-right wing'.

Lenore Zann, MP (Liberal) for Cumberland-Colchester responded by telling people to 'beware of' the paper. She then sent a letter of complaint to the Public Services Minister in charge of Canada Post to have the paper banned from delivery in Canada.

It’s an odd coincidence that Ms. Zann is a member of the Special Committee on Canada-China Relations and is seeking to ban the Epoch Times, just as the Chinese communists have done in China and, no doubt, would like to see done in Canada as well.

Assuming there are no more sinister motives here, this alarming action by Ms. Zann is the result of the Epoch Times expressing opinions, she (and the hysterical Facebook complainers) would like to shut down.

Having glanced through the paper I received, it reads as a normal paper, puff pieces on Mind & Body, puzzles, a cultural section, an editorial, but what is unusual is the preponderance of cautionary articles over creeping Chinese Communist Party influence in Canada and around the world.

Should Ms. Zann and her Liberal Party support the Chinese Communist Party by shutting down this source of cautionary opinion? Or should the Chinese Communist Party be attacked, relentlessly, for causing vast numbers of deaths ranging from 40 to 100 million, the crack down in Hong Kong, the genocide of the Uyghurs & Tibetans, war mongering with India and Taiwan, as well as being the origin of COVID?

Shouldn’t Ms. Zann and her Facebook supporters be complaining and fighting to increase diversity of thought, encourage free speech and defeat totalitarianism?

Do we get biased right-wing partisan information from the Epoch Times? Perhaps.

Do we get biased left-wing partisan information from Ms. Zann and her Liberal Party? Always.

By Atlantica Party Leader Jonathan Dean