Atlantica Party New Website

Many Atlantica Party members have told us that we need a new website.

We listened.

Welcome to our new home on the internet.

The new website includes much functionality that we were previously lacking and will enable far greater interactivity with the Atlantica Party membership. It's important that the membership have greater input, so watch your email for announcements.

One great new feature now allows us to offer 2 kinds of membership: website members and official party members. 

You can join as a website member to keep in touch and get announcements and news in your email. This is not a party membership and is appropriate for those that want to know what the Atlantica Party is doing but that don't want to officially join a political party for one reason or another. 

The next membership type is official full official party membership. It comes with additional benefits and rights in the party. As a full party member, you have voting rights and have access to additional resources not available to the general public. We're currently building an entire section of the website entirely dedicated to serving members proactively. 

We are still in the process of migrating existing users over from the previous website platform to the new one. People will receive an email informing them when that is complete.

To register as a website member, click the "Register" link in the top right. 

To become a full party member, register as above then purchase a party membership

The website is still under construction as we are adding new content and additional functionality on an on-going basis. 

Also, the new website costs far less. About 80% less. For a better design and much better features that will allow us to engage with you much easier and better. 

Stay tuned.