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We believe in:

  • Individual Freedom and Responsibility

  • Free Markets

  • Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

  • Atlantic Canadian Solidarity

  • Hope for the future as a prosperous 'Have' province and as a model for democracy.


The Atlantica Party Policy Committee has approved many new and exciting policies. We look forward to releasing these policies to you over the next few months!

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    Direct Election of the Premier

      The Atlantica Party supports direct election of the Premier as part of our Democracy Revolution, a campaign of democracy reform. This means that on election day you would vote for your representative and vote for a Premier.
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    Healthcare Reform – A First Step in the Journey Forward

      Healthcare, the biggest item on our provincial budget (over 40%), is one of the most important and contentious issues in our province today. The system has become a monolithic bureaucracy rife with inefficiencies, gold-plated management and wasted taxpayer dollars. It is a monumental disaster with an executive that has no strategy for improvement or reform, as pointed out by Dr. Harry Pollett in his recent article “Scrap the Canada Health Act”.
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