Jonathan Dean

Leader of the Atlantica Party



Jonathan Dean cofounded the Atlantica Party after becoming frustrated with the lack of vision and political will guiding Nova Scotia. Repeated failures in leadership are dooming Nova Scotia’s economy, democracy and future.

Jonathan believes Nova Scotia can become prosperous.  The Atlantica Party's economic vision is simple: government must make Nova Scotia the most competitive and entrepreneurial-friendly province in Canada.  Jonathan also wants to see political control handed back to the people, every citizen should be engaged in the politics of this province. For far too long the elites have used the political system to their advantage and excluded Nova Scotians.

Under Jonathan’s leadership the Atlantica Party has grown from three people to the newest party in Nova Scotia, the only party with a clear vision for this great province; make Nova Scotia an example for all of Canada. He has worked unstintingly these past years to give Nova Scotians a real choice; progress versus decay.

Jonathan grew up in rural Nova Scotia and Halifax, attended Dalhousie University where he obtained an undergraduate degree in Physics.  He later earned an Electrical Engineering degree from DalTech, a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Rochester in New York, and his MBA from Dalhousie's School of Business Administration.  All degrees were achieved through full scholarships.  Like many Atlantic Canadians Jonathan knows unemployment and about ‘going down the road’; he had to leave the region to pursue his chosen career in investment research. He lived in Toronto for ten years working for various investment companies including Canada’s largest pension plan and a prominent hedge fund.  

Jonathan resides in Halifax with his wife Lynn and their dog Finney.  


  • commented 2017-04-02 15:43:53 -0300
    Hello Shelli.

    Sorry I don’t understand your first question about ‘charging’ people. We are not charging people for anything. The details of our policies we have released are all detailed in the blog section of the website (you can just click on the text link) . Have a look. Other policies we have not released yet (soon) but there is no special access for anyone apart from our Policy Committee. We space out our releases since typically they are on issues that require some time for discussion.

    Regards ‘principles’ you may be right, I don’t bother reading what the other parties put out. But we do have policies to back them up while (I would argue) the others do not. EG none of the status-quo parties gives a fig (can I say that?) about democracy reform. We do.

    BTW I want you to keep your hard earned money.

    If you would like to get together and chat more about policies released (and those not) I am available.

    Thank you
  • commented 2017-04-02 13:08:03 -0300
    If you are really committed to
    “see political control handed back to the people,
    every citizen should be engaged in the politics of
    this province.”
    Please explain to me how you justify charging people for access to the details of your platform? Also, with all due respect; your ‘principles’ are for the most part the same as the liberals, conservatives and ndp. everyone wants the province to be a ‘have’ province… The devil as they say is in the details. Unfortunately, as a self employed resident of NS, I see nothing on your website that would induce me to part with hard earned money to see the details.
  • commented 2017-03-12 18:10:16 -0300
    Grown from three people to how many? What is your current membership number?

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