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Make a Holiday Donation to the Atlantica Party Today and get a FREE AP Patch!!




‘Tis the Season … to make an end of the year donation to the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia! 

It has been an awesome year for Atlantica!!  In less than a year Nova Scotia’s newest political party swept into the 2017 election with 15 candidates and were rewarded with a total of 1,632 votes!! We couldn’t have done it without the generous support of ALL Nova Scotians.

We appreciate the input of the hardworking Nova Scotians who support our efforts to turn this province into the economic powerhouse that we can all be proud of. Nova Scotia was prosperous at the start of confederation and it will be again because our supporters know that the opportunities and the vision are still here.

DONATE $25 today (Just $6.25 after the tax deduction!) and be at the forefront of a new era in Nova Scotia politics!

DONATE $100 today (Just $25 after the tax deduction!) or more and get a FREE AP Patch (a $10 value)!!

It’s not too late to donate for your 2017 tax deduction.

HELP fight government waste at EVERY CORNER.  Rest assured that Atlantica will always choose common sense and lower taxes over frivolous expenditures and bloated MLA pensions.

SUPPORT Atlantica’s efforts in working with the other parties to solve the important issues that improve the lives of all Nova Scotians.

MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION, buy local & Support your local businesses this holiday season.  

In addition to your generous donation, I strongly encourage you to JOIN the Atlantica Party as a valued Member. If you are already a Member, I want to extend my deepest thanks for your support.




Jonathan Dean

Leader, Atlantica Party



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