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Direct Election of the Premier



The Atlantica Party supports direct election of the Premier as part of our Democracy Revolution, a campaign of democracy reform. This means that on election day you would vote for your representative and vote for a Premier.

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Healthcare Reform – A First Step in the Journey Forward



Healthcare, the biggest item on our provincial budget (over 40%), is one of the most important and contentious issues in our province today. The system has become a monolithic bureaucracy rife with inefficiencies, gold-plated management and wasted taxpayer dollars. It is a monumental disaster with an executive that has no strategy for improvement or reform, as pointed out by Dr. Harry Pollett in his recent article “Scrap the Canada Health Act”.

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Open Letter to the Forgotten 79%



We want to be your voice!  Donate $25 today (cost to you only $6.25)!

And Join Us


The Nova Scotia Legislature opens on September 21 for its first session after the May election and we will see how representative democracy works; each MLA proudly debating and voting their informed conscience, representing their constituents’ interest and the interest of Nova Scotia as a whole in free vote after free vote ... yeah right! In fact our MLAs are party-line toadies representing no one but their party’s interests. It’s time for you to demand your rights!  This was how visionaries such as Joseph Howe saw the legislature working, but today you are not represented there.

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Where’s Waldo - I mean, Stephen McNeil?



Where’s Waldo - I mean, Stephen McNeil?


Where is Stephen McNeil on the Trudeau Tax Increases?


As we get close to the beginning of the fall legislature, many people in our great province are voicing opposition to the new proposed tax legislation tabled by the federal government which increases the tax burden on incorporated professionals and small business. Through all the commotion, our premier is not to be found speaking up for the people of Nova Scotia. Worried groups speaking out against this tax are our doctors, farmers, fishermen, and numerous small business owners. In particular our doctors have an agreement with the federal government that dates back to 1995, which allowed them to incorporate since they don’t receive any benefits or pension from the health system. Incorporation provides their retirement. The provincial NDP already hurt the ability to attract doctors when they brought the threshold for the small business tax rate down to $350,000, while other provinces average around $500,000. Yet our timid provincial government remains as quiet as mice on this pressing issue.

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Regulation of Gas in Nova Scotia – A Good Idea?



This evening, the fifth of September 2017, we see news from the CBC that gas could be going up as much as 13 cents a litre tomorrow.

Yet in Reuters today, gasoline prices on the NYMEX are back to pre-Harvey levels, closing today at $1.69 USD per gallon. So why is the price being raised? Why has the interrupter clause been used to bring the price back down, if the price on which the regulated price is based off of, has dropped that significantly to justify the price previous to the storm? 

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The Great Cobequid Mystery


Well here we sit not long after an election, and the first of many political tussles has begun. Is the Cobequid Toll gone in 2019? Is it now staying until 2026? Have the Liberals broken their first election promise? Or are the Conservatives merely looking to score political points?

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We did it

Thanks to the Atlantica Army's generous support, we raised enough to pay our 2016 audit bill in full!!!  Without your support, we would have been in serious danger of not being able to continue our important fight for you, your children, and your grandchildren.  Thank you so much to all of those who contributed!!
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We're Halfway There!!

Thanks to the generous support of the "Atlantica Army," we are more than halfway (52% to be exact!) to our goal of raising $2,300 to pay for last year's audit!!  Thank you so much to all who have contributed so far in our fight for freedom and fairness for all Nova Scotians!!

Let's raise the remaining 48% ($1,100.00) by the end of the day on August 5!!

A $100 donation costs you after the tax credit only $25
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$1000 costs you just $250 

Please help the Atlantica Party stay in the ring to fight another round ... and many more after that!

Our momentum is growing daily but we need your help!


Yours in Freedom,

Jonathan Dean
Leader of the Atlantica Party

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Do you have $6.25 to help the Atlantica Party continue to fight for lower taxes, more freedom, and more government accountability? That's the amount a $25 donation will cost you after the tax deduction!

Atlantica needs to raise $2,300 by August 15 to pay its 2016 audit bill.
This is part of the regular cost of doing business as a political party in this province.

The Atlantica Party made history earlier this year as the only new party since Confederation to run 15 candidates in its first election!!

This came at a large financial cost to the Party, but it was determined that it would be worth it to help raise Atlantica's profile.  Indeed, the Party received far more press coverage than it ever has and thousands of Nova Scotians either joined the Party or contacted us to find out more.

If you care about improving life in Nova Scotia for yourself, your family, and all future generations of Nova Scotians and have the means to donate, please donate TODAY.

I'm not asking for the $1 million+ that the Big 3 raise annually; I'm merely asking for you to help this party be able to have an opportunity to continue fighting for YOU.




Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Dean

Leader of the Atlantica Party

Summer Reading

Some excellent books about Nova Scotia.



This hard-hitting but fair assessment of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes will shock and surprise many Maritimers who have been conditioned to think that the east coast of Canada is one of the most liveable regions in the country. Author Peter Moreira, a native Maritimer who returned home after working overseas for more than a decade, offers a straightforward analysis of why the region has fallen so far behind the rest of the country in terms of most economic and social indicators.




On October 8, 2013, Nova Scotia’s NDP government went down to a devastating election defeat. Premier Darrell Dexter lost his own seat, and the party held the dubious distinction of being the first one-term majority government in over 100 years. 

In this new memoir, former NDP finance minister and MLA Graham Steele tries to make sense of the election result and shares what he’s learned from a fifteen-year career in provincial politics. In his trademark candid style, Steele pulls no punches in assessing what’s right—and what’s often wrong—with our current political system. Includes an insert of colour photographs and a foreword from CBC Information Morning host Don Connolly.




Nothing says summer more than budget documents. Here are the last twenty or so for Nova Scotia. Look past the rah rah verbiage and take a look at the hard numbers to see the radical increase in government over the past twenty years. Hey it's your money!




Henry Hazlitt wrote this book following his stint at the New York Times as an editorialist. His hope was to reduce the whole teaching of economics to a few principles and explain them in ways that people would never forget. It worked. He relied on some stories by Bastiat and his own impeccable capacity for logical thinking and crystal-clear prose.

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