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Ryan Smyth is the Atlantica Party candidate for Antigonish

Mr. Ryan Smyth has been registered with Elections Nova Scotia as the Atlantica Party candidate for Antigonish under Section 203 of the Elections Act.

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New Party Breaks the Mold in Atlantic Canada

In 2016, when Atlantic Canada premiers called on the federal government to bring more immigrants to their provinces, it was a recognition that people have been leaving for many years. Something has to change, but what?

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Birthday wishes on the Queen's 91st



We join Nova Scotians in wishing a happy 91st birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Atlantica Party

Come join us for the Atlantica Party’s 2017 Annual General Meeting!



Meet with other Nova Scotians who share your concerns of the present and a vision for a prosperous and better Nova Scotia. Party members and non-members are welcome! 

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The Atlantica Party calls for the freedom and independence of the Nova Scotia Legislature



Halifax, Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia is incredibly lucky to have our Legislature. It is the product of centuries of development. It is a proud legacy of our colonial history and Nova Scotians have continued its evolution since the Legislature first met October 2 1758.

Political science has a theory called the Iron Law of Oligarchy which argues all democratic institutions eventually fall under the sway of a small group of people (an oligarchy). Unfortunately this is the case with our Legislature which is currently under the complete control of a small group in government called the Premier’s Office.

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The Atlantica Party commits to free voting in the Nova Scotia Legislature



Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Atlantica Party calls for all votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature to be free votes. Like speech, voting in the Legislature should be completely free. Without free voting our democracy is a sham since party interests come before the people’s interests. 

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Assaulting Sexual Assault

The recent acquittal of a Mr. Al-Rawi of sexual assault against a lady in his cab has rightly sparked outrage in civil society. The details of the case are disgusting and disturbing. However, calls for a review of the judge in this case, Judge Lenehan, are misplaced as censure should lie elsewhere.

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The Atlantica Party registers its first candidate

Mr. James Murray has been registered with Elections Nova Scotia as the Atlantica Party candidate for Dartmouth South under Section 203 of the Elections Act

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Creepy Out of Control Nova Scotia Taxation



Nova Scotians, who pay the highest taxes in Canada already, are going to pay a lot more taxes to the provincial government this year compared to just a few years ago. Out of control spending (over 4% increase each year) by the provincial government needs to be fed - so all agencies are on the hunt for more revenue – taxpayers pay $850 more from five years ago, (not counting higher fees, higher NSLC pricing, higher levies etc), plus the new cap and trade carbon tax, estimated at over $600 in additional costs per taxpayer has been agreed to. Add to this the ‘creepy tax’.

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Another Dirty Tax

We hear it every day on the mainstream media. If we don’t reduce human-created CO2 and pay a carbon tax we will all be forced to move to higher ground, or perish.

But a recent article in Nature magazine surprised me. It said that over the past 30 years, because of global warming, the earth’s coastal land surface has increased by 33,700 km2. Also, didn’t we learn from high school science that carbon dioxide (now called “carbon pollution”) makes life greener, more fertile & life sustaining? Anyway.

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