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The Atlantica Party commits to free voting in the Nova Scotia Legislature



Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Atlantica Party calls for all votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature to be free votes. Like speech, voting in the Legislature should be completely free. Without free voting our democracy is a sham since party interests come before the people’s interests. 

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Assaulting Sexual Assault

The recent acquittal of a Mr. Al-Rawi of sexual assault against a lady in his cab has rightly sparked outrage in civil society. The details of the case are disgusting and disturbing. However, calls for a review of the judge in this case, Judge Lenehan, are misplaced as censure should lie elsewhere.

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The Atlantica Party registers its first candidate

Mr. James Murray has been registered with Elections Nova Scotia as the Atlantica Party candidate for Dartmouth South under Section 203 of the Elections Act

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Creepy Out of Control Nova Scotia Taxation



Nova Scotians, who pay the highest taxes in Canada already, are going to pay a lot more taxes to the provincial government this year compared to just a few years ago. Out of control spending (over 4% increase each year) by the provincial government needs to be fed - so all agencies are on the hunt for more revenue – taxpayers pay $850 more from five years ago, (not counting higher fees, higher NSLC pricing, higher levies etc), plus the new cap and trade carbon tax, estimated at over $600 in additional costs per taxpayer has been agreed to. Add to this the ‘creepy tax’.

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Another Dirty Tax

We hear it every day on the mainstream media. If we don’t reduce human-created CO2 and pay a carbon tax we will all be forced to move to higher ground, or perish.

But a recent article in Nature magazine surprised me. It said that over the past 30 years, because of global warming, the earth’s coastal land surface has increased by 33,700 km2. Also, didn’t we learn from high school science that carbon dioxide (now called “carbon pollution”) makes life greener, more fertile & life sustaining? Anyway.

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Nova Scotia needs YOU



We have come along way. From a small movement to Nova Scotia's most talked about and fastest growing party. We are putting out the policies needed to turn Nova Scotia around. We are very, very much looking forward to the next election here in Nova Scotia so we have started our candidate and fund raising efforts.

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Atlantica Party Statement regarding the Nova Scotia Teacher Dispute

The Atlantica Party is glad the labour dispute between the government and Nova Scotia teachers is finally over.  The province as employer is absolutely within its rights to manage employees as it sees fit. And teachers do have a choice; they can accept or quit. The problem is this rather drastic option does not create goodwill either with the teachers or their union.

It should never have come to this.  

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Nova Scotia PC Party embraces corporate welfare

On Friday PC leader Jamie Baillie pledged to uphold the un-conservative principle of handing taxpayer money over to private interests in the name of ‘job creation’. Mr. Baillie brought his party in line with the other status-quo parties, NDP and Liberals, to the left wing notion of political interference in the private sector through subsidies and handouts.

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Atlantica Party will slash MLA pensions

An Atlantica Party government will reform Nova Scotia MLA pensions, salaries and benefits.

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Statement on Cap and Trade

Stephen McNeil showed promise when he vowed to stand against the federal Liberals' attempt to force a carbon tax on the provinces.  Unfortunately, he has chosen to compromise the future of this province by implementing a cap and trade system of carbon pricing in Nova Scotia.  In addition to not reducing pollution, cap and trade will cost working families and the industries that employ them.  If elected, the Atlantica Party will not implement cap and trade and will also join Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall, in his stand against Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals' unprecedented overreach of authority as defined by the Canadian Constitution.


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