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Teachers Strike on Friday - Another Liberal Failure for NS Students, Teachers, and all of us.

I must say a hearty congratulations to His Honorable Mr. Premier Stephen McNeil, and not to be forgotten, Her Majesty the President of the NSTU Liette Doucet for giving the rise to a proper alternative for ALL Nova Scotians , The Atlantica Party.

Never in Canada have we seen such ineptitude on behalf of both sides in regards to negotiation abilities (or lack thereof) that not only affect our children's future, but also indirectly interfere with our own sadly mismanaged economy due to self-interests of the Union Executive, and the ultimate failure of our elected old-boys-club government, kind of Liberal style, masked in a Conservative platform. Sadly, this is not the type of neoconservative this fine province not only requires, but badly needs. This teachers strike, whatever side one remains on, hurts and damages our economy, and affects how the parents of children in Nova Scotia have to react on a daily basis. Simply put, it is stress they (we) do not need. We need to focus on our work, and our contributions to the local economy. We don't need to focus on how our children are educated, as our hard-paid taxes are (were) supposed to provide some relief in that aspect to our well paid teachers to take upon such a burden. 

It is time for a change. It is time for a shake-up of the "old school" so that ALL Nova Scotians can benefit from actually living in Nova Scotia, not Alberta or other provinces to make a decent income free from over regulated governance locally.

Fortunately, there is a chance for change. The Atlantica Party, and the vision of not only it's leader, Mr. Jonathan Dean, but all members can and will be able to knock down the status quo, and govern accordingly in the manner the 21st century requires for all Nova Scotians, from wherever their heritage was from to form this once mighty province, old or young, rich or poor.

With many and great thanks to the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, and the NDP, who have shown us not only the greatest of failures in many forms, but have also created a vacuum in a void not previously spoken of, known as "the rest of us". We are the workers, the supporters, and the ratepayers who deserve better, and are now demanding such.

It is the "rest of us", ordinary people like you and me, that now need to stand and say things just aren't like the old days. I'ts time to stand up and say ENOUGH of EVERYTHING.

End the status quo. Join or pledge to vote for the Atlantica Party - it's easy, you will have support, and you can help make real change in the province you live in. If you are reading this now, you are on the right site to do this - pledge your vote today, join the party, or even just join the newsletter to see how the Atlantica Party can improve the life of citizens in Nova Scotia, including you!. Consider getting involved. Do it today! 

Even if you don't agree with me, please consider there is an alternative to the Big 3, and that alternative is a solution known as Jonathan Dean and the Atlantica Party to make Nova Scotia the strong province it was known for in the making of the great nation of Canada.

Nova Scotia PC Party embraces corporate welfare

On Friday PC leader Jamie Baillie pledged to uphold the un-conservative principle of handing taxpayer money over to private interests in the name of ‘job creation’. Mr. Baillie brought his party in line with the other status-quo parties, NDP and Liberals, to the left wing notion of political interference in the private sector through subsidies and handouts.

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Atlantica Party will slash MLA pensions

An Atlantica Party government will reform Nova Scotia MLA pensions, salaries and benefits.

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Statement on Cap and Trade

Stephen McNeil showed promise when he vowed to stand against the federal Liberals' attempt to force a carbon tax on the provinces.  Unfortunately, he has chosen to compromise the future of this province by implementing a cap and trade system of carbon pricing in Nova Scotia.  In addition to not reducing pollution, cap and trade will cost working families and the industries that employ them.  If elected, the Atlantica Party will not implement cap and trade and will also join Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall, in his stand against Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals' unprecedented overreach of authority as defined by the Canadian Constitution.

On Drinking Local

Mr. Black just published a two-part article called "Drinking local" where he discusses the impact of the success of local wineries and brewers. It is good news all around, thriving local business, jobs, interesting products and a good impact on tourism. Except it is bad for government. Since the NSLC is a monopoly it decides how much profit various participants receive. Local producers get a greater share of the profit when sold in NSLC stores compared to none-local producers. 

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Flat Income Tax for Nova Scotia?

If Nova Scotia is to survive it must become a province that more people want to come to than leave. The Atlantica Party is focused on policies to achieve this goal and a flat income tax could be a great benefit. A flat tax is one tax rate for everyone with few if any deductions, it would reduce administrative expenses and save money for provincial tax payers. 

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A Bluenose and a Black Eye

There's been quite a buzz lately surrounding the news about the Bluenose- namely the much-maligned building of the third incarnation of this iconic vessel and the mess it has become. As the three status-quo parties that are culpable have had their say it is time for the Atlantica Party to have its say.

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Is Dalhousie University Encouraging Terrorism?

The great rationalist Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) observed that “To prohibit free speech is the first act of terrorism”. So I thought could Dalhousie University be encouraging a form of local terror since the taxpayer-funded university prohibits free speech? 

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Healthcare Reality

Not everyone is aware just how unsustainable Nova Scotia Healthcare really is.  At present, it currently accounts for 60% of provincial spendin.  As the baby boomers (the biggest generation in history) age, this will only increase.  Fortunately, it's not too late for some common sense healthcare refor.  Please watch the following interviews and let us kno what kind of improvements you would like to see in Nova Scotia healthcare.



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