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Atlantica Platform and Policy

The Atlantica platform is best summarised as "common sense". 

Many of our problems here in Nova Scotia are purely of our own making. We've voted in political parties that are unprincipled and more interested in political games and pandering.

It's not working. It's time for a different approach. But, that's just common sense...

Stay tuned to this page. We'll be releasing a new and updated platform and policies soon.


Eliminate business taxes

The Atlantica Party supports the elimination of business taxes in Nova Scotia. There are other more productive and efficient ways to fund government.

However, the elimination of business taxes may need to be done incrementally. 

Lower taxes help businesses to succeed and that means more jobs and more prosperity.

But more than that, it can attract businesses to set up shop here in Nova Scotia, bringing jobs and more revenue through economic activity.

10-Year Debt Elimination

10-Year Debt Elimination

Debt service costs Nova Scotia about 9% of its budget. Eliminating the debt would mean that money could be used elsewhere, such as in healthcare, or simply returned to the taxpayer through reduced taxation. 

Privatize Cannabis and Alcohol


Create incentives

Create incentives for doctors.

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