News from Atlantica News, articles, and policy from the Atlantica Party The Atlantica Party Calls for a Referendum on Clear Cutting

Clear Cutting on crown land has been a contentious issue for years in Nova Scotia. Advocates point to the economic benefits of clearing tracts of the forest while opponents decry the damage done to forests and the resulting eyesore of large patches of wasteland. 

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The End of Nova Scotia's Legislature? Part 2

The great malaise of our political system is the regular citizen's apathy. I’ve seen this for years. The reason, of course, is because citizens are not involved in any meaningful way in the political discourse of our time; they have no "skin in the game", so why bother? This is a perfectly normal reaction. If your input is not wanted, why offer it?

But is our political system supposed to be so insular, running on its own in a corner with no oversight?

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In Praise of William Lenthall and The End of Nova Scotia’s Legislature Part 1

Who was William Lenthall? He was an English politician active in the mid-1600s. This was a time of rising tension between the King, Charles I, and England’s legislature, Parliament. The King wanted money to pursue foreign wars, but taxes could only be raised with the agreement of the legislature. In the past, the monarchy was able to overcome resistance from the legislature through threats, diplomacy, or political machinations.

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A Common Sense Approach to Affordable Housing

Everyone wants affordable housing, especially for the poor. The real question is how to get there. An even more basic question is whether that should be the ultimate goal. Maybe it would be better for everyone to have a truly free market where the poor had better paying jobs, weren’t poor anymore, and the government didn’t have to worry about housing at all. A truly free market would find creative solutions for the poor as well.

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In Support of Presumed Consent for Organ Harvesting

The new Nova Scotia law titled “Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act” is a great step forward for healthcare and will certainly save many lives that otherwise would have been lost. 

The new law now legislates that unless you have formally registered to decline to have your organs harvested, your consent is given. 

This is a shining beacon of Canadian values. 

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Banned by Lenore Zann and the Chinese Communist Party

I received a complimentary print copy of the Epoch Times, dated January 1-7, 2021, in my postal box the other day. Soon after that, a local Facebook discussion exploded since the Epoch Times has been labelled by some as 'right-wing' or 'far-right wing'.

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Covid: Some Questions

The impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been devastating from many different perspectives. For those that died of Covid-19, the price was infinite. But the destruction wrought goes far beyond that. Millions of people have lost their jobs, businesses, livelihoods, and more. 

Governments around the world have had various reactions that range from Sweden’s aim towards herd immunity to harsh lockdowns that prohibit any form of social interaction (other than at big box stores, of course). As such, it seems fair to ask questions. The following are just a few that some people may wish to have answered.

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The Atlantica Party advocates for the Nova Scotian cannabis industry to be 100% private

The Atlantica Party recommends that the government and NSLC vacate the cannabis business and turn it over fully to Nova Scotian entrepreneurs.

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Jonathan Dean Returns as Leader of NS Atlantica Party

The Atlantica Party is returning to Nova Scotia’s political landscape with former leader Jonathan Dean at the helm. Dean, who co-founded the Atlantica Party in 2006, resigned as leader two years ago after growing discord within the Party executive over Atlantica’s direction, prompting him to step away entirely.

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Atlantica Party New Website

The Atlantica Party is rolling out a new website. 

Additional functionality will be added with a particular focus on interactivity and membership engagement.

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