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    Summer Reading

    Some excellent books about Nova Scotia.   This hard-hitting but fair assessment of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes will shock and surprise many Maritimers who have been conditioned to think that the east coast of Canada is one of the most liveable regions in the country. Author Peter Moreira, a native Maritimer who returned home after working overseas for more than a decade, offers a straightforward analysis of why the region has fallen so far behind the rest of the country in terms of most economic and social indicators.       On October 8, 2013, Nova Scotia’s NDP government went down to a devastating election defeat. Premier Darrell Dexter lost his own seat, and the party held the dubious distinction of being the first one-term majority government in over 100 years.  In this new memoir, former NDP finance minister and MLA Graham Steele tries to make sense of the election result and shares what he’s learned from a fifteen-year career in provincial politics. In his trademark candid style, Steele pulls no punches in assessing what’s right—and what’s often wrong—with our current political system. Includes an insert of colour photographs and a foreword from CBC Information Morning host Don Connolly.       Nothing says summer more than budget documents. Here are the last twenty or so for Nova Scotia. Look past the rah rah verbiage and take a look at the hard numbers to see the radical increase in government over the past twenty years. Hey it's your money!     Henry Hazlitt wrote this book following his stint at the New York Times as an editorialist. His hope was to reduce the whole teaching of economics to a few principles and explain them in ways that people would never forget. It worked. He relied on some stories by Bastiat and his own impeccable capacity for logical thinking and crystal-clear prose. Free Copy Here
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    Atlantica Party on the Economy in Nova Scotia

      The Atlantica Party is the only genuinely pro-economic growth party in Nova Scotia. We have a vision for a prosperous 'have' Nova Scotia. We believe government action must empower the private sector. Who is the private sector? The private sector is you, me, the fisherman, the farmer, the small family store and all the local businesses around the corner. Only the private sector can create growth, jobs and wealth; government cannot. All that government can do is create the proper conditions for this. Build it, they will come.
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  • commented 2017-05-27 18:36:03 -0300
    Went to advanced polls today and your party was not on the ballots
  • commented 2017-05-27 13:35:59 -0300
    Is there a candidate in Eastern Passage for your party
  • commented 2017-05-23 19:12:10 -0300
    I think you have a great platform: need to get your message out more. Just saw your interview with Steve Murphy. Unfortunately there is no candidate in my riding. Keep it up!
  • commented 2017-05-16 18:37:59 -0300
    your site is NOT HTTPS.. in other words.. NOT secure.. so I am sorry I cannot share it, you however have my vote.. please inform me if or when you make your site secure as I don’t want people to click on an insecure site and potentially be exposed to viruses
  • commented 2017-05-14 23:53:18 -0300
    You need to show more information about your candidates. I want to know that I am voting for a party with great people running. Great ideas but who is on the team?

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