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    A corporate welfare fund by any other name

    The Public Accounts Committee is about to review the now defunct Nova Scotia Jobs Fund of the previous NDP government. The Fund was the politically controlled fund used to lend/give money to the Irvings and the Port Hawkesbury paper mill among many others. And apparently many of the loans were accompanied with non-disclosure clauses so the details of how taxpayers’ money was lent/given will remain secret. Although the cost to taxpayers is now only in the $10s of millions, the Traves Report on the Fund reported more than a year ago a portfolio of $776 million in loans, loan guarantees, equity investments and out-right grants.
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    Nova Scotia small business tax changes. Oh, wait! Sorry.

    Provinces in Canada generally tax business income a t two different rates. Incomes below a certain cutoff are deemed small business income and are taxed less than income above a cutoff. This is in line with the thinking small business should be favoured. Across Canada the Low Rate ranges from zero to 4.5% while the High Rate runs 11% to 16%.
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