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We believe in:

  • Individual Freedom and Responsibility

  • Free Markets

  • Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

  • Atlantic Canadian Solidarity

  • Hope for the future as a prosperous 'Have' province and as a model for democracy.


The Atlantica Party Policy Committee has approved many new and exciting policies. We look forward to releasing these policies to you over the next few months!

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    Atlantica Party will reform Nova Scotia’s Electoral System

    Halifax, Nova Scotia –  The Atlantica Party will reform Nova Scotia’s electoral system and make elections fairer. With more than two parties competing in elections the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) system has broken down and no longer accurately reflects the wishes of Nova Scotians. 
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    We Need More Money in Politics, not Less

    For Canadians who want proof that the chattering classes often resemble sheep, the best example comes from their chronic bleating that too much money flows into politics - a position that always favours existing politicians. For those not paying attention, Alberta's NDP government has proposed a series of constricting measures. They include caps on spending in provincial elections at $1.6 million for each party and restrictions on party leadership campaigns at just $330,000 per candidate.
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