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We believe in:

  • Individual Freedom and Responsibility

  • Free Markets

  • Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

  • Atlantic Canadian Solidarity

  • Hope for the future as a prosperous 'Have' province and as a model for democracy.


The Atlantica Party Policy Committee has approved many new and exciting policies. We look forward to releasing these policies to you over the next few months!

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    Nova Scotia needs YOU

      We have come along way. From a small movement to Nova Scotia's most talked about and fastest growing party. We are putting out the policies needed to turn Nova Scotia around. We are very, very much looking forward to the next election here in Nova Scotia so we have started our candidate and fund raising efforts.
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    Atlantica Party Statement regarding the Nova Scotia Teacher Dispute

    The Atlantica Party is glad the labour dispute between the government and Nova Scotia teachers is finally over.  The province as employer is absolutely within its rights to manage employees as it sees fit. And teachers do have a choice; they can accept or quit. The problem is this rather drastic option does not create goodwill either with the teachers or their union. It should never have come to this.  
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