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  • Individual Freedom and Responsibility

  • Free Markets

  • Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

  • Atlantic Canadian Solidarity

  • Hope for the future as a prosperous 'Have' province and as a model for democracy.


The Atlantica Party Policy Committee has approved many new and exciting policies. We look forward to releasing these policies to you over the next few months!

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    The True North strong and kinda, sort-of free!

    It was only a matter of time. Andrew Coyne, in an article in the National Post, notes how wonderful the coerced census worked out and says Canadian citizens should also be threated into voting using a mandatory voting law. Making the census mandatory was wrong (even before the Head Statistician quit because StatsCan can no longer guarantee privacy of citizens' personal information) because citizens should be free to participate or not.
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    The Atlantica Party will end all corporate welfare in Nova Scotia

    Halifax, Nova Scotia –  The Atlantica Party will end governmental political interference in the private sector by eliminating all subsides, handouts, loans and investments, in short all taxpayer money flowing to private interests. Instead this money that will be used for core government services such as education, health and social services or be put back into the pockets of all Nova Scotians through lower taxes.
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