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The Six Point Plan


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Health Care, Education & Marijuana

Atlantica Party on Nova Scotia Health Care


Atlantica Party on Nova Scotia Education


Atlantica Party on Nova Scotia Marijuana

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Nova Scotia’s newest and fastest growing party is very excited to confront the Status-Quo in the 40th provincial general election. Our candidates will provide Nova Scotian voters with a real choice; fiscal common sense and democratic progress under the Atlantica Party versus the unsustainable Status-Quo under the Liberals, NDP and PCs. 

                    Name                                 Riding                                              Direct Contact

  • Kent Robinson                   01 – Annapolis                               01@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Ryan Smyth                       02 – Antigonish                              02@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Jonathan G Dean                09 - Clayton Park West                    09@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Bill Archer                         14 - Cumberland North                  14@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Michael (Thor) Lengies       15 - Cumberland South                  15@atlanticaparty.ca
  • David F. Boyd                     17 - Dartmouth North                    17@atlanticaparty.ca
  • J.A. (Jim) Murray                19 - Dartmouth South                   19@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Steven James MacNeil          23 - Glace Bay                             23@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Michael (Mike) F. McLeod     24 - Halifax Armdale                     24@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Edward F. Boucher           31 - Hants West                           31@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Bryden Deadder                33 - Kings North                           33@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Joel Hirtle                           34 - Kings South                          34@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Rita Billington                    43 - Sackville-Beaver Bank             43@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Cathy Morgan                    44 - Sackville-Cobequid                 44@atlanticaparty.ca
  • Matt Mansfield                   47 - Timberlea-Prospect                47@atlanticaparty.ca

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  • commented 2017-05-27 18:36:03 -0300
    Went to advanced polls today and your party was not on the ballots
  • commented 2017-05-27 13:35:59 -0300
    Is there a candidate in Eastern Passage for your party
  • commented 2017-05-23 19:12:10 -0300
    I think you have a great platform: need to get your message out more. Just saw your interview with Steve Murphy. Unfortunately there is no candidate in my riding. Keep it up!
  • commented 2017-05-16 18:37:59 -0300
    your site is NOT HTTPS.. in other words.. NOT secure.. so I am sorry I cannot share it, you however have my vote.. please inform me if or when you make your site secure as I don’t want people to click on an insecure site and potentially be exposed to viruses
  • commented 2017-05-14 23:53:18 -0300
    You need to show more information about your candidates. I want to know that I am voting for a party with great people running. Great ideas but who is on the team?

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