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Are you tired of continuous failure to make real, positive and substantive change for Nova Scotia?

Are you worried about Nova Scotia's future?

We are too!

We believe in:

  • Individual Freedom and Responsibility

  • Free Markets

  • Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

  • Atlantic Canadian Solidarity

  • Hope for the future as a prosperous 'Have' province and as a model for democracy.


The Atlantica Party Policy Committee has approved many new and exciting policies. We look forward to releasing these policies to you over the next few months!

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    A toll to enter Nova Scotia? No way!

    A toll to enter Nova Scotia? No way! New Brunswick is investigating putting a toll on the Trans-Canada highway making Nova Scotians pay to come and go from our province. This is outrageous!
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    Keeping Greens in our political diet

    I am troubled to hear the Nova Scotia Green party is struggling. Last week’s communique titled 'An Alarm is Raised by Interim Leader Brynn Nheily' alludes to declining membership, lack of funds and chronic vacancies in key roles including Leader. Interim Leader Nheily stated the party could not field a whole suite of candidates in the last election due to shortage of funds (they only ran 16 - a cost of only $3200 which is not that much). The last decade has not been a success for the Greens. They never polled above 2.5% in an election. And the large handout ($250,000) the party received when it was created 10 years ago seems to have been spent and nothing has replaced it. I can understand how anyone, even a ‘true believer’, would eventually get discouraged. 
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